Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Gift for You!

Rev. Jane Page

Here’s something about me that you may not know. I do not like to shop. In fact, I dread shopping. I admit that part of the reason that I don’t like to shop is that I don’t like to spend money. Although I’m a generous person – and don’t mind giving money, when it comes to shopping, I’m “frugal,” a characteristic inherited from my mom. And, even if someone GIVES me the money – or a gift certificate, I do not like to shop. So I avoid it if I can. Greg does the grocery shopping at our house, so I don’t even have to decide which detergent is the best for us.

Now this shopophobia that I have may be seen as a blessing, I suppose, by those who have to take out a second mortgage after a trip to the mall. But during this season of the year, it’s an extreme disadvantage. I know I should be making lists and looking online and in stores for that perfect gift for everyone. Sorry, it’s not going to happen. Yesterday was my mom’s 84th birthday, and I thought, “I really should give her a gift I suppose.” So I looked around the kitchen and picked up the fall centerpiece that I had purchased for our “Day of the Dead” celebration and took that to her. Shame on me! (And worse yet, I’ll probably “borrow” it back for our Thanksgiving meal.)

Now I really do appreciate that some folks are SO good at shopping. But it’s too hard for me – so I follow my dad’s example. He didn’t care to buy gifts either. But his gifts were always the right color – green. I’ll probably share some of that green stuff this holiday season with my family members. I know that this is the easy way out. Sorry, the agony of trying to find the right gift is just too frustrating. However, I do enjoy giving words of gratitude and love.

So here’s my gift for each of you for the holidays. It’s a little blessing.

May you sleep well, at least now and again.
May you also eat well – chocolate’s no sin.
May you share smiles with others, even if they frown.
May you get some smiles too, when you are down.
May you see lots of beauty every day.
May your heart be touched by a story or play.
May your troubles not be as bad as they seem.
May you grin in your sleep from a happy dream.
And when we’re together or when we’re apart,
May my love for you stay warm in your heart.

Hope this season is blessed with goodness for you and yours!

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