Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Tale of Jonathan and Ja'briel: A Graphic and Textual Retelling

      I met Ms. Ja’briel Walthour when we both were serving on a panel discussing LGBTQ issues at Georgia Southern University.  She shared a compelling story about her life before and after transitioning.   I suggested her as a speaker to our congregational program committee at the church where I serve as a minister and we invited her to share her story with us.  In the picture on the left, I’m presenting Ms. Walthour with our congregation’s “Courageous Love Award,” which is given to individuals by our “Standing on the Side of Love” campaign. Through these two encounters I came to greatly appreciate Ja’briel’s courage in dealing with the challenges of being a transgender woman of color in southeast Georgia.  Therefore, when the opportunity was initiated in my writing class to creatively retell a story, I immediately thought of her.  J’abriel has given me permission to use her real names for this project.  I’ve shared Ja’briel’s story in two parts using Pixton software for creating comics.  The first part is entitled, “Jonathan’s Story” and the second part is “Ja’briel’s Story.”  Please send any feedback to me at or in the comment section if you prefer.

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