Monday, April 11, 2011

A Story of Two Birds

I have a story today about two birds: Crystal Crane and Peter Peacock.

One day Crystal Crane saw Peter Peacock and noticed how beautiful and colorful he was. And his tail feathers were long and had these marvelous colorful looking circles on them. Crystal turned her head and looked at her own body. It was covered with feathers that were had very little color – just sort of grayish with some white and black.—just not colorful at all. And she tried to make her tail feathers stand up but they wouldn’t. And she was sad. And she thought, “Oh, if I could only have beautiful colorful feathers like Peter Peacock, I would be so happy.”

Crystal’s friend saw that she was sad and told her she should go to the Wize Wizard about it – and maybe he could help her. “Oh GOOD,” Crystal thought, “maybe he can work some magic and make me colorful like Peter.”

Crystal went to the Wizard and told him her wishes. He said, “Oh my wonderful Crane. You have so much to be thankful about your grand body. Why the peacock is stuck here on the ground and you can soar to great heights and fly all around and look at this beautiful earth. And what a beautiful site you are in flight! Don’t you see what a grand body you have?” And the crane thought about that and was very glad that she could fly and see the wonderful world from so high. So she took off and did just that. And she was proud and happy with her body.

But there is more to this story.

Peter Peacock looked up and saw her flying and thought, “Oh, what a wonderful bird with such grand wings that can take her high in the sky. If only I could fly like that!” And he was sad. His friend saw that he was sad and suggested that he go see the Wise Wizard.

Peter told the wizard his wish and the wizard said, “Oh my – don’t’ you know what a wonderful body you have? Why many creatures all over the world look at your beauty with such delight. Look here in this pond and see the beauty you bring to the world. If you were flying high above – we could not see you closely and appreciate your great beauty. You have a wonderful body.” And the peacock looked at his reflection and he was so beautiful. And he strutted away as a proud peacock – happy with his body.

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