Sunday, March 4, 2012


Look  Before You Leap!
Rev. Jane Page   

"How did it happen?" the nurse asked.   

"I fell down," I said.

"Well, how did you fall?" she asked again.
My sheepish reply was, "I was walking and I just fell."

That didn't sound like a good response, but it was the truth. I was just doing my morning walk and was on the last round of my walking path in the neighborhood on the other side of the pond when I fell; and I caught the fall on my left hand and broke my dang wrist - bad!

I saw the disappointment in her eyes.  This would not be an interesting story for her to share with family and friends.  Why couldn't it have been more exotic!

Then she could report something like, "This grandmother came into the Emergency Room after falling on her skateboard at the Statesboro Extreme Sports Expo.

But no, I suppose I've reached the stage in life of that little old lady on the life alert advertisement. I probably did sound like her when I called Greg and said, "Help... I've fallen and I can't get up."

I jokingly posted on Facebook that on "leap day," February 29, I leaped the wrong way. Since that time, I've tried to analyze why I fell and I think I've figured it out. I was beginning my last lap and I said to myself, "I think I will pick up the pace a bit." That's when I tripped and attempted to break the fall with my left hand. OUCH. I believe that my BODY by then was in a routine, in rhythm, in that natural dance, yes, in the flow or "the groove." My mind was switching gears but the message was not clearly getting to all the right body parts.

Yes, there is a life lesson in this for me - and maybe for others as well. Certainly there are times in our lives when we need to "shift gears" or "change the pace." But we need to do this with full attention and caution. When we are transitioning, we need more focus. Yes, we need to "look before we leap," even on leap day! Here's to lessons learned. Amen